The Rotary Club of Carroll Creek

District 7620, Club 29713 • Chartered August 6, 1993

Hands-On Projects

Volunteer signup…just at your finger tip….

We are moving on with great momentum….40+ hands-on projects / 2,000+ man-hours over the last 5 years…

We are focusing on RCCC’s main priorities, namely: youth, underprivileged people, and elderly people, and we want to develop long-term relationships with selected outside organizations.

For 2012-2013, 9 Hands-on Projects have already taken place or been scheduled, and 4 more are in the planning stages.

We invite you to join the movement and help us achieve our 100% Rotarian participation for the year.

There are 3 easy ways for volunteers to signup:

1) Go to and browse through our calendar.
Hands-on Projects are posted with the relevant information and the name of the Project Manager to contact. You don’t even have to login as the postings are visible to all, including your family members and friends.

2) Refer to the Hands-on Projects calendar and contact the Project Manager. Updated versions of that calendar will be periodically emailed to RCCC members.

3) Respond to the Project Manager’s recruiting email a few weeks prior to the event.

You can be as proactive as you want!!!

Thanks for your willingness to serve!