The Rotary Club of Carroll Creek

District 7620, Club 29713 • Chartered August 6, 1993

President’s Message



CPA’s, attorneys, restaurant and retail store owners college deans, judges, bankers, researchers, marketing folks, non-profit CEO’s, retired individuals.

That’s what our business cards all say. I have seen them all. That’s what we pass out when we meet someone on the street. It is what pays the bills in many cases.

But before and after each meeting on Wednesday, from emails  and phone calls during the week, and meetings with fellow members and contacts it becomes clear that the RCCC is made up of so much more than what is on our business cards.

Before and after nearly every meeting I am approached by someone that says “what do you think if…”, or “would the club support it if…”, and my favorite “I have been having talks with (fill in the blank) and we are going to suggest that (fill in the blank) and we will be willing to head the effort”.

After the County Executive debate this morning, I was approached by a RCCC member that is in the process of writing a LARGE grant request to support one of our key projects. He was headed to a meeting with other members to outline the specifics. A few other members wanted to move ahead with some great ideas concerning next year’s Oktoberfest. Another is working to get some guidance and direction on the Next Big Project. Still another is using a few contacts he has to support one of our Hands on Projects. Another is putting together a food drive that will benefit members of our community. And that is only part of it.

In each case the individual(s) is working full time (or at least is getting paid to do so), has other time commitments, and is involved in this thing called Rotary for the only reason that I can discern….Service Above Self.

In many cases where I have been approached by members of the club about an idea, I truly don’t know what their full time occupation is. But I do know what they have done in the community and for the club. That is what resonates with me.

Next week it is very fitting that you will be presented with a slate of officers for next year’s Board and Executive Committee. There will be some new faces on the slate. As per Rotary rules there will be no campaigning, electioneering, speeches, or signs. And the slate is made up of individuals that have and continue to step up and do so much more that what their business card says.

So who are we?  I like to tell people that ask me what the RCCC is, that it is a group of about 160 overachievers that try to change the world one person at a time.

That is who we are.